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Marketing strategy, brand identity and marketing communications: Coordinating key corporate messages and brand identity across all communications venues builds a strong corporate image in the marketplace. blueunderground helps you to craft creative strategies and marketing communications and to present them in a complete and distinctive visual system. We will also develop all external and internal communications to align and support your marketing plan. Our experienced editorial team (writers) ensure that your message is clear, concise and compelling.

Print Design - Roller Banner for Therrien Waddell Construction Group

We design and produce annual reports, publications, brochures, corporate event communications, business cards, letterhead, note cards, labels, envelopes, CD packages, exterior signage, interior signage and advertising. Using the latest in print design technologies to turn out superior, cost-effective communications materials. Our in-house photography and illustration capabilities provide you with high-quality visuals tailored to your communication needs.

The print design examples to the right are the roller banners we created for a trade show for Therrien Waddell. The pair of roller banners needed to look great at full height when they stood on the floor while also clearly communicating the commercial builder’s services when they are only rolled half way out and placed on a table top.

To coordinate all of these various marketing materials, we suggest a communications manual or style guide. The style guide describes how the logo should be applied to marketing materials that are being created by other vendors. Whether it is business cards or holiday cards, vehicle signage or exterior signage, the style guide specifies color values, the minimum amount of space around your logo, corporate fonts and what to avoid.

If you are interested in exploring possibilities for outstanding marketing materials with us or would like more information, please contact us.

  • Marketing Collateral

    Custom designed business cards, letterhead, note cards, labels & envelopes.

  • Annual Reports

    Crafted, custom designed annual reports tell the story of your last 12 months.

  • Roller Banners

    Stand out in crowd at the convention