WordPress Maintenance

A WordPress website is organic.

While the visual content may be updated periodically, the framework behind the scenes needs to be updated continually, backed up and, if necessary, repaired to remain stable. blueunderground provides WordPress maintenance to address these security needs.

WordPress Maintenance for BUCHANAN · PRICE WordPress Website

With a WordPress Maintenance Service Agreement, blueunderground will update the WordPress core, the WordPress plugins and the WordPress theme to keep the site secure. Because WordPress plugins have many different authors, updates are released on a rolling basis. This is in addition to the unscheduled release of updates to the WordPress core and WordPress themes. Additional to keeping the site secure and providing new features, these updates keep the SEO services up to date to better position your website in the marketplace, properly aligning them with search engines like Google and Bing. The website should also be backed up on a regular basis and copies of the website should be stored both in the cloud and on premises as part of WordPress maintenance.

With WordPress maintenance blueunderground will incorporate WordPress security, which can include a firewall with a threat defense feed that is updated in real-time as new threats emerge. Country blocking is available and can be customized to restrict WordPress logins from outside of the United States per your preference. If applied, arrangements can be made when site managers are on travel. Country blocking can be limited to WordPress logins, allowing site visitors to look at the website from any country they visit.

As part of WordPress maintenance, blueunderground recommends also maintaining a development copy of the website, going forward, to test updates before they are rolled out on the live site, to minimize interruptions.

Please contact us if you would like more information about a WordPress Service Agreement to provide WordPress maintenance to secure and manage your WordPress website.

More information about the WordPress Content Management System we use to build WordPress Websites is available at wordpress.org.

  • Update the WordPress core

    Add new functionality and improve security by updating WordPress.

  • Update WordPress Plugins

    Updating WordPress Plugins improves security and further’s your SEO.

  • Routine Website Backups

    Routine, Scheduled Website Backups prevents data loss.

  • Webmaster Services

    Add New Features and Functionality. Track how visitors use your Website.