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About High Sierra Pools

A quarter of a century of history and growth

Founded in 1992, for more than 25 years High Sierra Pools’ mission has been to establish and maintain high standards of safety and professionalism in the commercial swimming pool management industry. Their founding principles — safety, teamwork, and customer service — have guided us for a quarter of a century.


High Sierra Pools (HSP) is an industry leader in commercial pool service, pool management, and aquatic safety. As commercial swimming pool contractor, we are also well known for their experience in swimming pool renovations, maintenance, and capital repairs planning.


High Sierra Pools serves all commercial pool facilities including apartment buildings, condominiums, homeowner’s associations, adult living communities, hotels, swim and racquet clubs, fitness clubs and more.

Core principles:

As a commercial pool company, High Sierra Pools adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. Striving to be even better than what’s required, HSP invests in aquatic research and continuing education for their staff. We always put the safety of pool patrons and their employees first.

High Sierra Pools recognizes that their success depends on collaboration, effective communication and building relationships with employees and clients. That’s why we build diverse and efficient teams that deliver results.

Customer Service
Their customers’ needs are paramount. This means we always “swim” that extra mile to deliver more than we promise. Whether we provide summer lifeguards, swimming pool construction or capital repairs planning, their clients consider us their pool partners.

Their services include:

Commercial Pool Management
Certified American Red Cross lifeguards and pool operators
Qualified pool managers, supervisory and safety personnel
Diligent aquatic safety audits and reporting, record keeping
Ensuring regulatory compliance and pool permit processing
Routine inspections of equipment to prevent and repair technical issues
Constant communication and quick response to customer concerns

Commercial Pool Maintenance
Part of their Pool Management but offered as standalone service as well
Outdoor pool opening and closing (winterization)
Pool cleaning and equipment maintenance
Chemical supply and administration

Swimming Pool Repairs and Renovations
Capital pool renovations
Major and minor repairs
Reserve studies and budgeting