Walter Ruiz Law


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About Walter Ruiz Law

Sometimes you have to go to war:

Clients: Are those whose liberty, livelihood, reputation, or property are at stake. Those who seek to make an impact, effectuate change and hold violators accountable. People who need an advocate, an ally, a voice in times of trouble.

The Firm’s Mision: To preserve, protect, and promote our client’s interests. We seek to level the playing field, speak truth to power and reveal the justice in our client’s cause.

Core Principles:

Focused Intensity: This is not a high-volume practice. Fewer cases mean greater focus. By taking on fewer select cases, we sharpen our focus of the facts and refine our vision of the best path to a successful outcome.

Pressure is a Privilege: High stakes and high-profile cases are best handled by pressure tested experts with a proven track record.

Strategic Planning: We will analyze your case, strategically staff with subject matter experts, and implement a litigation plan by exercising strategic patience or decisive action, depending on the unique aspects of your cause.

Relentless Advocacy: We will advocate for you with relentless courage and fight for every inch to out-work and outlast our opponents.

Undivided Loyalty: This firm is committed to honest, client-centered representation. A law firm should serve the client first, not profit. You will receive a thorough, honest, and direct assessment of your case. While at times such an assessment may not be pleasant or what you’d prefer to hear, it will be the truth. This is our greatest responsibility and my commitment to you.