18 Whiskey Shots


Create a logo for a new golf website.


18 Whiskey Shots’ logo was created with:

  • Adobe Illustrator


“My start-up company needed a logo, but I had no idea about the look and feel I wanted the symbol of my company to exude. Meeting with Campbell on a few occasions, we discussed how to best capture the company’s future brand. Campbell listened. He absorbed the myriad of ideas I spouted to him and channeled it into the creation of the company’s logo. The end result was a creative design that encapsulated the essence of what my company will represent for hopefully years to come. A logo is the face of a company. It is what all consumers identify with first, and Campbell’s interpretation of my verbal description to create the artistic representation of my company exceeded expectation.”

Bobby Forst
18 Whiskey Shots


18whiskeyshots.com does much more than just enable teams to create, customize, and record their match play events.  Even if you do not compete in an event like St. James or the Cavalier Cup, 18ws has much to offer you and your golf game.  But maybe, just maybe, the site will get you started on planning your annual team golf event that you can enjoy for years to come and relive on 18ws forever.

18 Whiskey Shots is located in Arlington, Virginia.