Explainer video crated to illustrate and convey Symantec’s most advanced enterprise-ready solutions for securing IoT devices. A custom soundtrack was created to enhance the visuals and overall narrative.


Symantec’s animation was created with:

  • Design
  • Animation
  • Voice-over recording
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Video Production
  • Story Boarding

Challenges of securing industrial environments

Recent computing advancements have increased device connectivity and automation in industrial environments. Security in these environments was once maintained through:

  1. Lack of internet connectivity to operational technology (OT) systems
  2. Lack of common infections that could plague OT environments

Times have changed in a connected world. The number and breadth of attacks have increased dramatically.

The OT habitat does not help. A low priority given to security related patches, unsuitable antivirus compatibility and connectivity requirements, and frequent USB usage further increase the likelihood of attack.

The downstream impact of a breach is unacceptable. The infection vector can be manipulated in ships, trains, or power grids to cause damage and casualties, even fatalities.

Industry attacks tell us that human-operated systems (human machine interfaces, or HMIs) are key attack vectors everywhere from utilities to nuclear power plants. Attackers compromise HMIs because they are frequently used for data transfer. Common malware (even dated infections such as WannaCry) and advanced adversaries infect these systems regularly via network and USB exploits.

The Symantec response

Symantec endpoint solutions protect against network and USB attacks in industrial environments across a number of verticals (including manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, oil and gas, logistics, drilling, data centers, and travel and hospitality) and use cases.

  • Symantec Industrial Control System Protection (ICSP)—USB scanning station cleans and sanitizes storage devices.
  • Symantec Critical System Protection (CSP)—Works without internet connectivity and supports legacy operating systems.

These solutions work together, and with the rest of the Symantec product portfolio, thanks to our Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) platform, unify cloud and on-premises security to provide threat
protection, information protection and compliance across all endpoints, networks, email, and cloud applications.

Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense Platform is powered by the largest civilian threat intelligence network, deep security research and operations expertise, and a broad technology ecosystem – working together to enhance security controls, improve visibility, and reduce cost and complexity for businesses worldwide.