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About The Partnership Federal Credit Union

The Partnership Federal Credit Union proudly (served) employees, retirees and their families of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), National Science Foundation (NSF), Fannie Mae, and the United States Secret Service Headquarters (USSS). It (was) through these strong and dedicated sponsor partners that they (were) able to grow in services and offer their members the most competitive products and rates.

Being a partner to their members and to their strategic alliances is what they are all about. Their team embraces their core values every day, continuously striving for exceptional service, growth, and new opportunities. They are here to serve you and your family, not the community at large. They make sure their products and services are available to you wherever you work, live, and travel, and take into consideration your needs when exploring new avenues and opportunities.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative that is member-owned, each member of The Partnership FCU has an equal share, and say, in the organization. They return their “profits” back to their member-owners in the form of low loan rates, higher dividend yields, and affordable products and services that put money back in your pocket.

They are committed to your financial well-being. They deliver personal financial products, services, and education that allows you to obtain the knowledge required to develop financial plans tailored to your goals and objectives.

The Partnership FCU (believed) in providing added value for their members. They are not just here to be a financial institution; they are here to be your primary financial institution. Their promise is to always provide you service that is accurate and exceptional, at a better value than you can find anywhere else.

The Partnership Federal Credit Union (was) located in Arlington, Virginia.

The Partnership Federal Credit Union merged with NASA Federal Credit Union on October 1, 2019.