Therrien Waddell


Create a new brand for a Commercial builder, including:

  • Logo design
  • Design, program and host website and implement a Drupal content management system
  • Design marketing materials including: business cards, letterhead, envelopes and notecards
  • Exterior signage
  • Trade-show signage
  • Vehicle decals
  • Promotional items
  • Standards manual


Therrien Waddell’s logo was created with:

  • Adobe Illustrator


“We were at a loss about renaming and rebranding our company when we attained full ownership. We made lists, we discussed ideas with our spouses, we held a companywide competition to come up with a name and possible logos. It wasn’t until we met Campbell Maloney at a grand opening for one of our projects and he mentioned his experience in company branding that the idea of getting outside help arose. Still thinking we could figure this out by ourselves, we waited several months before sitting down and sharing our brainstorming efforts with him. Campbell listened attentively and then started to work on ideas for us to consider. He brought a whole new fresh creative perspective to our dilemma. We received countless options, starting with what to name our company, to logo ideas, and then on to business cards, stationery, and project and vehicle signage. Campbell’s imprint on our business continued onto a complete rework of our website and marketing materials. He has successfully tied our image and business message into one unified, professional, modern presentation. He is constantly emphasizing detail, simplicity and finding the best solution, balancing our desires, his design and our budget constraints – at times no easy task.

What I appreciate about Campbell is the partnering relationship we have developed, his understanding of our needs and the trust that I can discuss with him any of my concerns and we will work them out together. He has been able to find solutions for us and continues to advise us of ideas he has or learns of that can improve our processes or enhance our image. And while we still try at times to produce some media presentations on our own, we know we can depend on blueunderground and Campbell when we need his opinion or assistance. His ideas always improve our efforts. I would recommend his services readily to anyone in need of a creative solution for any media need.”

Jerry Therrien, LEED AP
Therrien Waddell Construction Group


Therrien Waddell is a leading provider of Commercial Construction Management services in the Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD metropolitan corridor. We are dedicated to providing our clients Pre-construction planning & General Contractor expertise for a full service experience from concept to occupancy.

Therrien Waddell is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland.