Create new Marketing Materials for a Defense Contractor, including:

  • Design Marketing Materials including: Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes and Note Cards

Additional Brand, Web, Graphic Design and Marketing services include creating a responsive website for TMB:


TMB’s marketing materials were created with:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign


“We had been struggling for well over a year to re-brand our company and refresh our message including a complete redesign of our website. Our existing website had become a net negative for TMB in that the information was outdated and the look and feel did not convey the positive direction the company was taking. Campbell and his staff helped us focus our ideas and give structure to a new corporate brand including a redesigned logo that better reflected the company’s direction and a completely reworked website that speaks both to our own associates as well as to our customer base and partners. I believe our new website will help attract both new personnel as well as new customers. Working with Campbell was an extremely positive experience: not only is he very talented but he has the ability to translate broad ideas and concepts into tangible products that encapsulate what had been an unrefined vision. He was also extremely patient with me as we worked through ideas in an iterative process. I would highly recommend Campbell Maloney and blueunderground to any enterprise who is considering a rebranding exercise.”

Thomas M. Dority
President, Chief Executive Officer
Tech-Marine Business Inc.


Tech-Marine Business Inc., – TMB was founded to be the company that professional Program Managers could consistently count on to provide quality, timely, and effective management and engineering consulting services. We have grown and diversified from providing primarily senior level support to a diverse and dynamic small business capable of providing a tailored and cost effective work force for today’s Federal Government Program Manager. As we continue to grow and succeed, we will maintain fidelity with our core principles of Commitment, Excellence, and Integrity.

TMB is located in Washington, DC.

TMB WordPress Website Design & Development: